Senior Product Designer

Accessibility Advocate • Content Creator • Workshop Facilitator • UX Strategist
In summary

Gemma is a Senior Product Designer based in Cardiff, Wales. Specialising in inclusive and accessible design solutions.

Welsh 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿

Bachelor of Arts (BA)
Grade: First Class Honours

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Creating content
Public Speaking
Inclusive Design

How I entered the world of product design
My career in product design happened by accident. I've always been interested in the creative side of things, drawing, crafting and imagination. During my teens, I was introduced to the basics of HTML and CSS  through the social media network MySpace. This is where I fell in love with me to the wonderful world of web design.
Today I aim to create inclusive, accessible and meaningful experiences that impact both the customer and the organisation. Why inclusive and accessible? I believe UXers have a responsibility to all people who interact with the products our products. I have first-hand experience with accessible needs.
Dyslexia has always been seen as a negative, reading and writing was a task I found difficult and I relied on assistive technology to get me by. In my adulthood, I’ve come to realise that Dyslexia is a blessing, not a curse. Dyslexics have the exact skills needed for product design. Creativity, empathy, problem-solving and communication. Allowing me to connect the dots, understand patterns, evaluate possibilities and make decisions.
Designers shouldn't have to pay crazy university fees to learn the basics of UX. Because of this, educating designers has become a real passion of mine. Through lockdown in 2020, I started an Instagram account where I share all my UX knowledge and career experiences for free. This grew to a community of over 20K followers and encouraged me to start a YouTube channel to continue sharing my experiences for free. Instagram and YouTube allowed me to have the opportunity to mentor upcoming designers allowing everyone to have access to accessible one-on-one education.
In my spare time, I enjoy outdoor activities, running, travelling, public speaking and creating content for my Instagram account and YouTube channel.

My design values

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Seeing past the detail to gain a strategic (big picture) view of a subject or problem. Research-based, hypothesis-driven and validated through testing.

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Inclusive and accessible

Designing an experience that takes into account, ability, age, appearance, body size, class, gender identity, race/ethnicity, religion, and sexuality.

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business goals with user needs

Understanding, taking apart and simplifying complex ideas and concepts that meet the business goals and takes into account user needs.

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Seeking participation from stakeholders and colleagues, bringing ideas and solutions from different perspectives and facilitating Design Thinking workshops.

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Understand patterns

Interpreting patterns and situations to predict future events. Supporting the product development cycle (Agile) from problem definition, to design and delivery.

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Let’s work together

I'm at my best when collaborating throughout the entire product development cycle from discovery through to delivery.