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Selection of public speaking and interviews about accessibility, inclusive design, Dyslexia, UX and more.

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Talking Digital, industry insights

An interview with Talking Digital about what it's like to be a Senior UX/UI Designer.

Talking Digital interview
Digital design talks

Digital Design Talks

Interviews with the world's best designers and their experience at your fingertips.

Digital Design Talks
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Experience Design Summit - April 2022

Experience Design Summit is an a one-day online conference where you'll get practical advice from some of the world's leading UX designers.

Experience Design Summit
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Femke.Design Community Guest Speaker

I was invited to be a guest speaker on Femke.Design Community. Here I had the opportunity to speak about the importance of Accessibility and inclusive Design.

Femke.Design Community

Wales Tech Week Panelist

I was invited to be a panelist on the Nurturing Tech's Inclusive Equation: Fostering Diversity, Accessibility, and Harmonious Employer-Employee Relationships at Wales Tech Week.

Wales Tech Week


I was invited to present straightforward methods to enhance online content accessibility, such as incorporating subtitles, and alt text, ensuring readable typography, and maintaining acceptable colour contrast.


Understanding Inclusive Design

Mento Design Academy. The design industry (still) needs more conversations around Inclusive Design - in this event, we will try to unpack this concept in order to make it more accessible.

Guest speakers: Gemma Helyer and Trina More Pervall

Ignite Cardiff #35

An introduction into why I F***king love Comic Sans.

As designers, we are taught about fonts. What's considered a bad font and what's considered good. Comic Sans is one of the most hated fonts of all time. But what people forget to understand is that it holds a superpower.