Get personalised help in taking the next step in your Product Design (UX/UI) career

Get advice, improve your design skills, or level up in your career.


Tailored to you
We all learn differently, 1:1 sessions are tailored to you.
Learn to take care of yourself in challenging situations.
Improve skills
Feedback is a vital component to improve skills.
Personal and professional development opportunities.
My first mentoring call with Gemma was a 30-minute ‘Let’s Chat’ session. Having previously done quite a lot of reading around UX, it’s safe to say I needed some clarity.

Also, as someone who learns best from other people, this type of mentoring session was incredibly valuable.
Let's chat (affordable)
Thank you so much for all you help! I really feel like i've gained a lot of confidence while working with you!

I've also recently landed my first job as product designer, I couldn't have done it without you.
Portfolio review
When I had my study sessions with Gemma, it is always helpful.

She prepares all the materials in advance, even design documents, along with the class, when I ask some questions, she can immediately find some useful articles for me to read.
1hr chat
I just had a 1.1 with Gemma. She is super nice, talented and helpful.

I learned many things from her and knowing where I should go next. The best experience ever.
Let's chat (affordable) 

Working with me

Types of sessions

30 minute session
Let's chat (affordable)
Perfect for our very first interaction or if you have a specific challenge you are up against. We can discuss how I can help you with your UX/UI design career.
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60 minute session
1hr Chat
During our 1 hour session, we can get to know one another and we can discuss how I can help you with your UX/UI design career.
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45 minute session
Portfolio review
Looking for a professional to take a look at your design portfolio and offer tips on how you can improve it?I'm here to help you!
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90 minute session
One on one lessons
During our lessons, you are able to learn and confidently apply the UX process in any industry, by using problem-solving techniques and using a user-centred approach.
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