Taking products to the next level. Aligning business goals with user needs.

Hi I’m Gemma, a Senior Product Designer specialising in inclusive and accessible design solutions.

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I love to share knowledge and I do just that on YouTube and Instagram.

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Life as a Senior Product Designer

Sharing my product design journey, accessibility and inclusive design tips though the power of video.

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It's hard breaking into the industry, never mind creating your own assets. Feel free to use some of mine.

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Started my experience sharing journey over on Instagram. Sharing all knowledge about accessibility and inclusive design. Come follow the community and learn while you are at it.

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Designing environment’s that can be accessed and used by as many people as possible

1 billion people in the world have some type of impairment affecting their ability to read the web. I’m on a personal mission to bring down the 70% of none accessible content.

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“Gemma made my job as a developer so easy. We had a superb team and Gemma communicated with us all every day, bounced ideas off us and all the UI elements she created were all implementable at a software level and looked absolutely beautiful.”

- Contact Software Developer

“Conscientious, hardworking and creative, Gemma focuses on how best to cater to users whilst pushing the boundaries of design. She is a strong advocate of user centred design and accessiblity.”

- Senior UX Designer

"Gemma is a great asset to any business. She has a keen eye for detail and a creative flair that allows her to push the boundaries of digital design."

- CEO and founder

“As I'm transitioning into a career in UI/UX from a print publishing background, I have found your content so useful and inspiring so I wanted to connect on here to say thank you!”

- Fellow Instagram follower

“Gemma is absolutely awesome. She isn't afraid to speak up about issues she’s seeing within projects and always challenges with customer and business goals in mind”

- Lead UX and Design

"I just had a 1.1 with Gemma. She is super nice, talented and helpful. I learned many things from her and knowing where I should go next. The best experience ever."

- 1:1 Mentee