Elevating products by aligning user needs and business goals

Senior Product Designer specialising in UX strategy, inclusive design, and helping new designers break into the UX field.

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Balancing Design Education and Full-Time Senior Product Design Expert

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A dedicated professional employed at a local tech company, I'm deeply involved in shaping the future


From championing accessible design, facilitating workshops, and spearheading UX discovery projects.


My role is a blend of creativity, advocacy, and leadership.


This is what people have to say about working with me

Gemma made my job as a developer so easy. We had a superb team and Gemma communicated with us all every day, bounced ideas off us and all the UI elements she created were all implementable at a software level and looked absolutely beautiful

Software Developer

Conscientious, hardworking and creative, Gemma focuses on how best to cater to users whilst pushing the boundaries of design.She is a strong advocate of user centred design and accessibility.

Senior UX Designer

Gemma is a great asset to any business.She has a keen eye for detail and a creative flair that allows her to push the boundaries of digital design.

CEO and founder

Gemma is absolutely awesome.She isn't afraid to speak up about issues she’s seeing within projects and always challenges with customer and business goals in mind.

Lead UX and Design

As I'm transitioning into a career in UI/UX from a print publishing background, I have found your content so useful and inspiring so I wanted to connect on here to say thank you!

Instagram follower

When I had my study sessions with Gemma, it is always helpful.She prepares all the materials in advance, even design documents, along with the class, when I ask some questions, she can immediately find some useful articles for me to read.

Instagram follower

I just had a 1.1 with Gemma. She is super nice, talented and helpful.I learned many things from her and knowing where I should go next. The best experience ever.

1:1 Mentee

Gemma was more than happy to go through all of my questions, clearing up any confusion.My mentoring call helped me create a clear plan to move forward and I am currently actioning the goals I set off the back of it.Many thanks.

1:1 Mentee

Thank you so much for all you help! I really feel like i've gained a lot of confidence while working with you!I've also recently landed my first job as product designer, I couldn't have done it without you.

1:1 Mentee
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